FeedMailu is an RSS/Atom reader that also can aggregate your feeds into digests and send them to you via email. To start receiving digests just enter an address of the desired feed, email, and digest period on the start page. To use feed reader you should register.

Digest settings

Default and feed specific settings

Some settings have default state and feed specific state. The latter can be changed in the digest manager by clicking on the settings icon in the Actions block. The default settings can be changed on the settings page.
feed specific settings
global digest settings

Choosing time and periods

You can choose how often you want to receive digests. If you prefer daily digests you can also pick an hour of the digests in the settings page.
digest hour options

Table of content

Table of content example
table of content


Default vs text theme
default theme screenshot
only text theme screenshot

Filter items

It's possible to filter items based on their titles. Filter query should consist of words and phrases separated by commas. You can test queries in the feed reader after selecting feed and clicking on the search icon .
Operators and examples
  • , |select items that contain any of the given words
    cat, dog - items with words 'cat' or 'dog', the same as cat|dog
  •   +select items that contain all of the given words
    cat dog - items with words 'cat' and 'dog', the same as cat+dog
  • - !select items that don't contain given word
    !cat - items without word 'cat', the same as -cat. If the word have hypens wrap it in quotes "long-term".
  • Combinations:
  • bird+(cat,dog) 'bird' and 'cat or dog'
  • cat !dog, bird 'cat without dog' or 'bird'